Ladu Baba, Nayagarh, Odisha

Located 14 kms away from Nayagarh, Sarankul stands proud with the 15th century shrine of Sri Ladukeswar, popularly known as Ladu Baba. The presiding deity here is known to be the combined form of Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiv) as is the case with Sri Lingaraj in Bhubaneswar. The festivals and rituals of Sri Ladukeswar are also similar to that of the Lingaraj temple. This shrine is the most prominent one from amongst a good number of Shaivite shrines dotting the region. Pilgrims from far flung places flock to Sarankul on the occasion of Mahashivaratri.Tourists can avail medical facility at CHC, Odagaon which is nearest to the place. SBI Odagaon is the nearest Bank to the spot.

Tourists can reach Sarankul by choosing the state highway that is connected through Bhubaneswar Odagaon road. It is located approximately 100 kms away from state capital Bhubaneswar and 14 km away from district head quarter Nayagarh.

Ladukesvara-Shiva-Temple-Daspalla-Nayagarh, Odisha.jpg


LaduBaba,Nayagarh, Odisha-01.jpg

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